Alcohol – The Silent And Stealthy Killer

Habits are natural as well as forced activities in a human being. Habits are nothing but the way a person behaves, his attitudes and social mannerisms. When these are natural they tend to resemble the family he comes from showing the impact of the genes in his blood. But there are also a few habits that are instilled and inculcated in a person through a third force. When we talk about a created habit, the first thing that hits us is about the unwanted and bad habits like smoking, drinking etc… Of course, these created habits need not necessarily be the most abused ones like these but there can also be some good and welcomed ones but this is a very unusual happening.

Out of the various unpleasant habits, drinking is one which is a killer. Many people become easily addicted to it and it is a habit that will pull and push people on and off once they get a taste of it. Initially, this habit was seen among the foreigners who had to take to this for coping up with the extreme climatic conditions. They never stood or stand as an example for this very simple activity becoming a bad habit because for them it was a necessity. But for many of the others in the world, this has become an unpleasant habit. Such addicts and drinkers are considered a nuisance both to the family and the society. Drinking and the effect of alcohol takes them to an extent that they completely forget about themselves and what they do and this leads them to indulge in any type of criminal activities.

Drinking to alcoholism

You might think as to whether there is a difference between these two since both of them talk about the alcohol topic. There is a thin line of big difference between them. In a person, before he becomes an addict it all starts with just the drinking activity that happens infrequently; but when this becomes frequent, he becomes an addict and this is what we call alcoholism. It is the extreme stage in this alcohol consumption habit wherein it becomes very difficult for a person to come out of it and it needs a lot of mental and physical efforts and strength to bring him back to his normalcy. This inability to control himself from the drinking habit is also referred to as the Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

Impact of alcoholism

Over a period of time, if this habit is left untreated it becomes completely uncontrollable and for the affected person alcohol becomes everything, every moment in life. This would lead to severe damages both mentally and physically. It would slowly start showing its effects on his personal, professional and social life and finally attacks him from all angles pushing him more into this habit. There are many reasons for why people fall back on this abusive habit of alcohol consumption. it all starts with just a simple reason which slowly develops a dependency on this drinking habit and finally, the person becomes completely lost in this.

Break the silence

Now alcohol problem is no more a trouble for there are many treatments and rehabilitation centers exclusively treating such people with severe addiction problems. Once you are into this habit, even if you feel like coming out of it, you will be unable to for it is that sticky and stubborn and will never leave you until it has its complete hands on you. So if you feel that it is becoming too much on you, do not be mute, get up and approach a rehab centre for the right treatment; fight back the habit for it is only your willpower and abstinence that will have effect and impact on it than the steroids and medicines you might be administered on.

Power of steroids on alcoholism

These treatable cases of severe forms of alcohol cases are termed as alcohol hepatitis. When a patient or an alcoholic is treated with steroids it means that he is in the last stage of alcoholism because these are generally not advised for those with mild alcohol hepatitis. The most common steroid used for treating such extreme cases of alcohol hepatitis is corticosteroids. This medication helps in making the person mentally strong from inside giving him the required energy and strength to fight back the alcohol addiction. It also helps in enhancing the protein synthesis in the body and helps in repairing the weak and damaged cells. This is probably advised as the first step or level of treatment in people with severe alcoholic hepatitis.

All types of steroids actually have a detrimental effect and impact on the normally functioning human body. So they are generally not prescribed for all types of health problems. They have to be taken only under a physician`s advice and that too in the fashion advised by him which otherwise might lead to other severe problems.

There have been many studies conducted to find out the efficacy of these steroids in effectively treating alcohol problems. Few of them came out with results stating that there were no significant effects but few others came out with contradicting results stating that such alcohol addiction problems can be treated to an extent using steroids.

Be it any kind or type of steroids, it is mandatory for a patient to first get checked for any infections before the intake of steroids because these might result in contraindications affecting the already suffering health of the addict. So a human body that is to be treated for alcohol hepatitis first needs to be treated for any infection for the steroids to work effectively on the addiction. But again since not of all of them would pass this infection test, the ones who are found to be severely infected and on whom the steroids might not have an effect, the best treatment would be to use the oral pentoxifylline which is another very effective mode of treating the addicts. 

So with all these, it is clear that even this severe, dreadful alcoholism has a way out provided the person wills and wishes to get rid of it.